Rise Up Rooted: Trauma, Yoga, and the Fourth Wave of Addiction Recovery

Welcome to Rise Up Rooted! 

Here will be published, chapter by chapter,  a book by Dori Digenti (© 2021. All rights reserved) on the intersections of trauma, yoga, and recovery. 

This work is the result of 3 years’ work, mostly completed on writing retreats in Great Barrington, MA, Newburyport, MA, and Portland, ME. The catalysts for this book were many, as you can read about in the Preface, and later in the Appendix containing the author’s recovery story. 

A primary point of departure for writing this book was a retreat with Dr. Joanna Macy in San Francisco in 2018. There, many threads were woven together, and it became clear that embodied practices, with a focus on yoga, in concert with earth-based practices were keys to leading us out of the crisis of addiction. 

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Chapter 1: Addiction and Trauma

Chapter 2: The Three Waves of Addiction Recovery

Chapter 3: The Fourth Wave of Addiction Recovery

Chapter 4: Embodied Recovery