Rise Up Rooted: Yoga, Trauma and the Fourth Wave of Addiction Recovery

I intend this book as an exploration of how we can recover from harmful addictions, restore balance, and begin to heal our world. I believe that it is possible to overcome addiction and find a sustaining recovery through understanding the links between trauma and addiction, and the need for embodied and earth-based practices in recovery. Beyond the individual who recovers, however, we must also bridge individual recovery to community, and beyond to the societal and natural world imbalances that lead us to addictive behaviors. Finally, we can find healing by reaffirming and acting from our true identity – as an inseparable part of the earth’s living systems. To this end, I offer the embodied practices of yoga to link us to the energy, connection, and identity that can lead us to a sustained recovery, and outline a vision and a framework for the “Fourth Wave of Addiction Recovery.”


Rise Up Rooted Excerpt 1
Rise Up Rooted book excerpt 2