Our Vision

Creating positive and uplifting spaces for trauma-informed yoga practice, where all are included and treated with dignity and respect.

Our Mission

The mission of Breathing Space is to make yoga available to all, regardless of class, race/ethnicity, nationality, ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation. To accomplish this mission, we

  • Dedicate ourselves to the 8-Limb path of yoga, based on the fundamental principle of non-harming (Ahimsa)
  • Work to support a positive and uplifting environment, in the Studio and anywhere yoga is offered by Breathing Space
  • Provide Studio yoga classes that are low-cost, sliding scale, or free
  • Ensure that our organization reflects the communities we serve 
  • Dedicate ourselves to antiracist and anti-oppression work from whatever places of oppression or privilege we find ourselves
  • Co-create a community of yoga practitioners who support this mission

We are a yoga service organization. We strive to co-create community with those who come to the Studio, and with those we do yoga with at Outreach sites. We see the goal as creating one yoga community, where the barriers to access to yoga practice have been eliminated and any person could feel a sense of belonging and practice yoga as a key to health and well-being. That sense of inclusion can, at times, come in the form of a safe(r) space of an affinity group (we currently offer Black, Indigenous & People of Color yoga class, Queer/Trans yoga class, and a yoga series for Survivors of Sexual Violence). At other times, financial barriers may hinder full participation (we offer free and sliding scale classes).

One of the foundational values of our organization is the yogic principle of Ahimsa, non-harming. Harm takes many forms: addiction, poverty, unjust incarceration, and running through this all: racism and bias. Our team of teachers regularly engage in learning opportunities to deepen our understanding about antiracist/anti-bias work. We firmly believe that our liberation is bound together, and we can only all thrive when oppression in all forms is fully eliminated.