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Off the Mat certificate Vinyasa 101 Certificate


  • Shambhala Training Director
  • Shambhala Educator (Shambhala Meditation Instructor)
  • Shambhala Guide


  • Battle of Ego
  • Karma & the 12 Nidanas
  • Journey Without Goal
  • Myth of Freedom
  • Way of Shambhala Series
  • Profound Treasury
  • Shambhala Training Levels 1 – 4


  • Dathun (month-long intensive meditation practice)  1980
  • Buddhist Seminary (10 Weeks of Buddhist Study/Practice) 1983, 1985
  • Vajrayogini Abisheka 1990
  • Vajrayana Intensive 2006
  • Rigden Abisheka 2009, 2010
  • Scorpion Seal Retreats (Levels 1-5) 2010 – 2015

* This is the statement about my affiliation, which ended in May 2018, with Shambhala International. If you wish more background on events which led to this statement, you can readily find them through an Internet search. Due to harmful actions of some of the leaders, and an enabling culture, that resulted in/from sexual violence, abuse, addictive behaviors, and financial misappropriations, that in many cases were tolerated, hidden, and in some cases promoted within Shambhala, I have ended my membership and resigned all certifications and roles within the organization. While I am grateful for the many years of study and practice of the teachings of Buddhism – teachings that are readily available to all outside of the Shambhala organization – I no longer support Shambhala or its teachers, or am involved in offering others access to Shambhala teachings.