Breathing Space Yoga Studio has closed as of 2/15/2022

Rise Up Rooted Yoga


“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees”

Rise Up Rooted, by Ranier Maria Rilke

Hello Friends! This spot where you have landed is intended as a canvas for the yoga-inspired and yoga-spirited creative projects of Dori Digenti. My roots are here in Western Massachusetts, home to the five colleges, wondrous natural environments, and a social environment that supports progressive action. I hope you enjoy having a look and finding out about my nonprofit yoga projects, yoga classes, and the Rise Up Rooted book.

To start out, some grounding:

The 8-Limb path of yoga, which includes yogic values (restraints and observances), breath, poses, and the nurturing of mindfulness and awareness, can bring the complete healing benefits of the practice to all. Through the balancing effect of yoga on the nervous system, the consistent practice of yoga can lead to a peaceful and positive approach to life. 

We are of the herd. Our hands are meant to reach out to each other. Let’s begin the repair. Come inside yourself, let go of the numbing and dissonance. The warmth of compassion is here, it is who we are. 

The values of antiracism/anti-bias, addiction recovery through multiple pathways, and the ending of mass incarceration are expressions of the foundational ethic of yoga: non-violence. This was the inspiration for the nonprofit yoga studio Breathing Space that I founded and ran from 2017-2022. Growing out of that work, Rise Up Rooted Yoga has branched into three activities: 

Dori Digenti
Dori Digenti (she/her) is a certified yoga (E-RYT 200) and meditation teacher, mentor, and writer. She holds an MS in Organization Development from American University, and a BA from Cornell University. Dori’s approach to teaching yoga and meditation is based on decades of meditation practice and study of Buddhism. Dori’s classes include breath, awareness and alignment, and often include sound meditation, Daoist movement, and/or short readings of her own work or of favorite writers and poets. Dori taught and directed programs in higher education in Massachusetts for 23 years. Dori was the founder and President of the nonprofit Breathing Space Yoga Studio. Dori continues to offer trauma-informed yoga classes at addiction recovery centers and to incarcerated individuals in Western Massachusetts.